¡TODOS, LISTOS, CANTEN!: Canciones para niños y para aprender el español


By Sarah Barchas

with Spanish language consultants Marilyn McClure and Anne Doan Woolfolk


(December, 1995)


Illustrations by Elizabeth Gething and David Hoffman


HHM 104D - CD and illustrated Read-along Book (ISBN:0-9632621-4-9) - $15.98


Released in December of 1995, this recording contains delightful Spanish translations/adaptations of all of the 31 songs in "GET READY, GET SET, SING!" plus "De Colores". Zestful student chorus. Intended for ages 3-8and above for SSL, this 59 minute recording is accompanied by a 40 page illustrated paperback lyrics book and is Ideal for sing-along, read-along fun for Spanish readers and SSL.


SONGS BY BAND NUMBER                                                                                  ALPHABETICAL LIST




Booklist 09/15/96: "Catchy songs…high in child appeal"


School Library Journal: 07/96: "The music is lively and children will want to sing along."


A 1996 Parent's Choice approval: "Spanish-speaking preschoolers will jump right into this."


Parent's Council, Fall, 1996: "Your children will love these fun and lively songs."


Patricia Penta-Santana (personal communication 2004): 
"Please let me introduce myself. I am a Mexican who teaches Spanish and English to kindergarten children in Japan. 
I am very grateful to you for the cassette "Todos, Listos CANTEN!". It has been a very useful material for my classes.
I have been using the song "Cabeza y Hombres" and children just love it! While listening to this song,
the children and I are transported to the joyful environment you created with the children there during the recording. 
Maybe the laughs of the children in the tape make the children laugh every time they listen to it. 
No matter how many times they listen to it, they always laugh at the end."




Band Song                                         Time        Words/Music

01. El tren ABC-dario                             2:10         O

02.              ¡Todos, listos, canten!                      1:49         O

03.              Mira ahora al reloj                          1:11         TA

04.              Canción del abecedario                       1:09         T

05.              ¡Buenos Días!                                1:23         O

06.              Entre más nos reunimos                       0:44         T

07.              ¿Quiénes son personas en mi familia?         1:51         O

08.              Si estás feliz y lo sabes                    1:58         TA

09.              ¿Quién trae amarillo?                        2:12         O

10.              De colores                                   1:19         O

11.              Pájaro rojo                                  1:44         O

12.              Cada día de la semana                        1:25         O

13.              Cinco gatitos                                1:21         O

14.              Diez gatitos/brujitas/guajolotes/muñecos     2:40         TA

15.              Veinte calabazas                             1:53         O

16.              Este viejito                                 1:57         T

17.              Habían diez en la cama                       2:17         T

18.              Tengo un buen caballo                        2:38         O

19.              Señor García tenía una granja                3:02         T

20.              La araña pequeñita                           1:43         T

21.              Cinco patitos                                1:53         T

22.              Vente gatito mío                             1:09         O

23.              ¿Dónde está mi perrito ahora?                2:14         TA

24.              Cabeza y hombros                             1:27         TA

25.              Hombres de diferentes formas                 2:19         O

26.              Frutas y verduras                            0:59         O

27.              Doce meses                                   0:57         O

28.              Globos, mis globos                           1:44         O

29.              Libros grandes, libros chiquitos             1:39         O

30.              Nuestra escuela                              1:54         O

31.              Las ruedas del autobús                       2:18         T

32.              Voy a viajar                                 2:26         O


O = Original Words and Music by Sarah Barchas, (P) © 1994 HIGH HAVEN MUSIC


T = Traditional Words and Music (P) 1994 HIGH HAVEN MUSIC


TA = Traditional with adapted lyrics and/or music by Sarah Barchas, (P) © 1994 HIGH HAVEN MUSIC


Song collection © 1995 HIGH HAVEN MUSIC


Spanish translation © 1995 HIGH HAVEN MUSIC





      Song                                                                          Get Ready, Get Set, Sing! equivalent               

¡Buenos Días!                        Good Morning

¡Todos, listos, canten!              Get Ready, Get Set, Sing!

¿Dónde está mi perrito ahora?        Where Has my Little Dog Gone?

¿Quién trae amarillo?                Who's Wearing Yellow?

¿Quiénes son personas en mi familia? Who are the People in my Family?

Cabeza y hombros                     Head and Shoulders

Cada día de la semana                All Week Long

Canción del abecedario               ABC Song

Cinco gatitos                        Five Little Cats

Cinco patitos                        Five Little Ducks

De colores                           

Diez gatitos/brujitas/guajolotes/muñecos Ten Little Kittens, Witches, …

Doce meses                           Twelve Months

El tren ABC-dario                    ABC Train

Entre más nos reunimos               The More We Are Together

Este viejito                         This Old Man

Frutas y verduras                    Fruits and Vegetables

Globos, mis globos                   Ballons, Balloons

Habían diez en la cama               Roll Over (Ten in the Bed)

Hombres de diferentes formas         Shape Man

La araña pequeñita                   Eency Weency Spider

Las ruedas del autobús               The Wheels of the Bus

Libros grandes, libros chiquitos     Big Books, Little Books

Mira ahora al reloj                  Hickory dickory dock

Nuestra escuela                      Our School

Pájaro rojo                          Red Bird

Señor García tenía una granja        Old Mac Donald Had a Farm

Si estás feliz y lo sabes            If You're Happy and You Know It

Tengo un buen caballo                I Have a Horse

Veinte calabazas                     Twenty Pumpkins

Vente gatito mío                     Here, Kitty, Kitty

Voy a viajar                         Going for a Ride


This is the Spanish version in an ideal bilingual pair for young children



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