SEASONS OF LIFE: Reflections in Song


Written and performed by Sarah Barchas (March 2002)


Cover Photo by Joseph A. Robbins

Graphics design and layout by Elizabeth Gething

Production Manager: Roger King


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Released in March, 2002, "SEASONS of LIFE: Reflections in Song" is a CD for mature reflective adults, age 13 to 113. It is a memorable collection of 17 original inspirational and meditational songs written by Sarah Barchas over a period of many years, yet keenly relevant to today's times. These are songs of reflection and self-awareness, looking at past experiences to take stock of one's life, seeking to find and make more meaning for ourselves and others as long as we have life. The songs have themes of hope and healing, choices and chances, striving through any adversity, survival and loss, taking stock of one's life in the journey of each individual's search for meaning, focusing on the fragility and complexity of life and relationships across passages of experiences and time.


This CD transcends categories and has appeal for those interested in folk and acoustic music, inspirational and meditational music, women in music, singer-songwriters, relaxation, easy-listening, healing and reflection, as well as personal and spiritual growth.




You can each bring your own creative process, your uniqueness, individuality and experience to make your own connections to these songs. May they speak to you in ways that matter to you.




Lon Austin - Phoenix Folk Traditions Music Festival - "From the blue heron on the front of this CD cover to the wonderful songs that reflect on this condition that we call life, Sarah has delved deeply into the human soul and the process of living in her original songs".


Rabbi Harold Kushner - Author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People and Living a Life that Matters - "Life - affirming and uplifting" (July, 2002)


Rhonda Lester, RN - Psychiatric Nurse and Songwriter - "Miles and I had been having a stressful week and decided to drive up North. We put the CD "Seasons of Life" by Sarah Barchas into our player. It was such therapeutic music. Very soothing. Upbeat. Positive. This is music that can help you focus on things in life that are really important. I would recommend it."


Massimo Ferro – Radio Voce Spazio (Italy) – “”Seasons of Life” is not just an immediate work but it is very good. It is also a simple but effective collection of songs with strong autobiographic but also poetic and literary echoes and it has that sort of epic that is typical of some great singers of the past.”




01.  Seasons of Life                                            4:04


02.  Child of Life                                                   2:25


03.  Whatever the past was                                2:15


04.  Make time for Wildflowers                           2:20


05.  A Little Patch of Rainbow                            3:40


06.  Do It and Get Through It                               1:56


07.  We are the Dreams we Have                      2:01


08.  Words Unsaid                                               2:47


09.  Memories                                                      2:24


10.  There's Hope                                                2:01


11.  Everybody Can Know About Heartache    3:06


12.  Hey, World, I'm Me                                       1:44


13.  Wings of Hope                                              3:00


14.  When You Remember Me                           4:35


15.  Down Through the Ages                              2:42


16.  We're Each a Part of this World                 2:46


17.  Reflections on Seasons of Life                   3:10


Total run time             approximately 50 minutes



Sound Recording (p) © 2002 Sarah Barchas DBA High Haven Music, ASCAP


Song Collection ©2002 High Haven Music


Cover Photo Illustration © 2002 Joseph A. Robbins


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