IF I HAD A PONY: Animal Activity Songs


by Sarah Barchas (December, 1996)


Performed by Sarah Barchas and the De Colores Chorus


The De Colores Chorus members are: Stephanie Comfort, Julio Espinoza, Taylor King, Adilene Moreno, Anita Natividad, Natasha Page, Daniella Patterson, Amanda Peña, Bianca SantaMaria, Jacqueline SantaMaria, Luis SantaMaria, Mara SantaMaria, Tiffany SantaMaria, Lupe Urquides, and Victoria Yescas.


Illustrations by Elizabeth Gething



HHM 107C - Cassette and Read-along Book (ISBN 0-9632621-7-3) - $12.95


HHM 107D - CD and Read-along Book (ISBN: 0-9632621-8-1) - $15.98


Released in December of 1996, this recording contains 24 exhilarating traditional, adapted, and original songs about animals, inviting activity, movement, and creative participation by children. Child-tested, with enthusiastic children's chorus, the songs include over 70 animals of farm, zoo, circus, pets, wild animals, habitat, and dinosaurs. Intended for ages 4-8 and above for ESL, this recording is accompanied by a charming illustrated 36 page illustrated lyrics book. It provides sing-along, read-along fun for childhood and ESL.












Band               Song                                                               Time               Origin             


01.  If I Had a Pony                                                           2:16                Original

02.  Millions and Millions of Years Ago                          2:25                Original

03.  Jump Like a Kangaroo                                            2:48                Original

04.  A World of Colors                                                     1:40                Original

05.  Five Little Monkeys                                                  1:19                Traditional Words/Original Music

06.  At the Circus                                                             2:31                Original

07.  When a Big Fat Hippopotamus is Yawning           2:52                Original

08.  Raccoon's Tail                                                          0:43                Traditional Words/Original Music

09.  A Puppy                                                                     2:15                Original

10.  A Kitten                                                                      1:55                Original

11.  Pop Goes the Weasel                                             0:39                Traditional Folk Song

12.  The Green Leaves Grew All Around                       3:07                Traditional Folk Song

13.  Hundreds of Chicks                                                  1:30                Original

14.  With a Wiggle and a Hiss                                        1:19                Original

15.  My Farm                                                                    3:27                Traditional / Adaptation*

16.  Little Chicks                                                              1:34                Traditional / Adaptation*

17.  Turkey in the Straw                                                   2:14                Traditional Folk Song

18.  Stop at the Pet Shop                                                2:08                Original

19.  Why Did You Follow Me?                                        2:16                Original

20.  Walking in the Woods                                              2:20                Original

21.  Down by the Bay                                                       1:27                Traditional /Adaptation**

22.  Rattle, Rattle, Rattle, and a Shake, Shake, Shake           1:37    Original

23.  What Happened to the Dinosaurs?                        2:41                Original

24.  I Had a Rooster                                                         3:04                Traditional Folk Song


* Translations / Adaptations by Sarah Barchas.

"My Farm" is based on the Latin American children's folksong "Mi Granja"

            "Little Chicks" is based on the Latin American children's folksong " Los Pollitos"


** "Down by the Bay" is based on a traditional children's folksong with adapted verses by Sarah Barchas and students from Hollinger School




A Kitten

A Puppy

A World of Colors

At the Circus

Down by the Bay

Five Little Monkeys

Hundreds of Chicks

I Had a Rooster

If I Had a Pony

Jump Like a Kangaroo

Little Chicks

Millions and Millions of Years Ago

My Farm

Pop Goes the Weasel

Raccoon's Tail

Rattle, Rattle, Rattle, and a Shake, Shake, Shake

Stop at the Pet Shop

The Green Leaves Grew All Around

Turkey in the Straw

Walking in the Woods

What Happened to the Dinosaurs?

When a Big Fat Hippopotamus is Yawning

Why Did You Follow Me?

With a Wiggle and a Hiss


Sound Recording (p) © 1996 High Haven Music (ASCAP)

Song collection © 1996 High Haven Music

Illustrations © 1996 High Haven Music


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