İPIÑATA! AND MORE: Bilingual Songs for Children


by Sarah Barchas (September, 1997 - Revised Edition)


Performed by Sarah Barchas and the De Colores Chorus


The De Colores Chorus members are: Stephanie Badilla, Stephanie Comfort, Julio Espinoza, Anita Natividad, Daniella Patterson, Amanda Peña, Bianca SantaMaria, Jacqueline SantaMaria, Luis SantaMaria, Mara SantaMaria, Tiffany SantaMaria, Lupe Urquides, and Victoria Yescas.


Illustrations by David Hoffman and Elizabeth Gething


Spanish language consultants: Marilyn McClure and Anne Doan Woolfolk



HHM 109D - CD and Read-along Book (ISBN: 889686-07-7) - $15.98


Released in September, 1997, this is an enhanced and revised version of "İPIÑATA!" and contains 20 exciting original and traditional songs in bilingual adaptations celebrating the richness of Hispanic culture, history, traditions, foods, festivities, holidays, contributions, and joy in being bilingual. It includes the title song, "De colores" in both languages, "the 16th of September", "Cinco de Mayo", "Las Mañanitas", Hispanic Americans, 

" It's fun to be bilingual", and many more. The exuberant bilingual De Colores Chorus and effective instrumental background make this a real winner. This revised and enhanced edition of the popular 1991 release, "İPIÑATA!":Bilingual Songs for Children adds six popular traditional songs. Intended for ages 5-12 and above this 45 minute recording is accompanied by a charming 36 page illustrated lyrics book for bilingual read-along for schools, libraries, and family enjoyment. Excellent for multicultural bilingual, ESL, SSL.






Elementary School Library Collection (2000): "Fun for sing-alongs in schools with Spanish-speaking students, where Spanish is taught, or as an enrichment for Multicultural studies."


Booklist, 05/15/98: "The accompanying booklet contains all the lyrics, expanding the usefulness of this package to bilingual classrooms and preschools."


Parent Council, Summer, 1998: "Her unique style captivates, and it is virtually impossible to listen to this tape without learning some Spanish."




Band               Song                                                               Time               Origin                                     

01.  iPiñata!                                                                       2:22                Original

02.  De Colores                                                                1:24                Traditional Mexican Folksong

03.  All the Colors                                                             1:25                Traditional / AdaptationA

04.  The 16th of September                                             1:44                Original

05.  Cinco de Mayo                                                         3:04                Original

06.  Las Mañanitas                                                          1:19                Traditional / AdaptationB

07.  Es el día de dar gracias                                          1:32                Original

08.  It's the Day of Thanksgiving                                     1:36                Original

09.  Oh How Delicious are Hot Tamales                       2:10                Original

10.  Arco Iris                                                                     2:17                Original

11.  Hispanic Americans                                                 4:08                Original

12.  In Spanish, en Español                                            2:11                Original

13.  Mi Granja (My Farm)                                                3:03                Traditional / AdaptationC

14.  Red Bird                                                                    2:17                Original

15.  Pájaro Rojo                                                               2:17                Spanish Translation of "Red Bird"D

16.  Los Pollitos / Little Chicks                                       1:32                Traditional / TransationE

17.  Mariposa                                                                   3:09                Original

18.  ¡Leamos! / Let's Read!                                            2:02                Original

19.  Languages We Speak                                             1:41                Original

20.  It's fun to be bilingual                                                2:38                Original




A. Based on traditional folksong "De Colores", English translation / adaptation by Sarah Barchas


B         Traditional Latin American folksong.

Bilingual adaptation by Sarah Barchas, Marilyn McClure, and Anne Doan Woolfolk.


C Traditional Latin American folksong. Bilingual adaptation by Sarah Barchas.


D. Spanish translation by Marilyn McClure


E. English translation by Sarah Barchas.




¡Leamos! / Let's Read!

All the Colors

Arco Iris

Cinco de Mayo

De Colores

Es el dia de dar gracias

Hispanic Americans

In Spanish, en Español


It's fun to be bilingual

It's the Day of Thanksgiving

Languages We Speak

Las Mañanitas

Los Pollitos / Little Chicks


Mi Granja (My Farm)

Oh How Delicious are Hot Tamales

Pájaro Rojo

Red Bird

The 16th of September


Song recording (p) © 1997 High Haven Music

Song Collection © 1997 High Haven Music

Illustrations © 1997 High Haven Music

Revised edition from 1991 version entitled "İPIÑATA: Bilingual Songs for Children"


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