GET READY, GET SET, SING!: Songs for Early Childhood and ESL


By Sarah Barchas (November, 1994)


Illustrations by David Hoffman and Elizabeth Gething


HHM 103C - Cassette and Read-along Book (ISBN 0-9632621-1-4) - $12.95


HHM 103D - CD and Read-along Book (ISBN: 0-9632621-2-2) - $15.98


Released in November of 1994, this recording contains 31 upbeat exuberant traditional and original songs that combine learning with joyful sing-along fun. Many old favorites, with adaptations, many new songs inviting delight on alphabet, people, family, feelings, colors, numbers, shapes, animals, school, and transportation. Intended for ages 3-7 and up, this 52 minute recording is accompanied with a 40 page lyrics book and is perfect for basic concepts and language learning for early childhood and ESL.






Booklist 04/15/95: "Spirited songs…perfect for group activities"


School Library Journal 01/15/95: "Compares well with the best recordings for the very young."


Parent Council, Summer '96: "…singing is very expressive…songs reinforce preschool skills."




Band Song                                       Time Words/Music

01.  ABC Train                                    1:51         O

02.              Get Ready, Get Set, SING                     2:05         O

03.              Hickory, Dickory, Dock                       1:07         TA

04.              ABC Song                                     0:36         T

05.              Good Morning                                 1:24         O

06.              The More We Are Together                     0:40         T

07.              Who Are The People In My Family?             1:44         O

08.              If You're Happy and You Know It             1:47          TA

09.              Who's Wearing Yellow?                        1:54         O

10.              All Week Long                                1:13         O

11.              Red Bird                                     1:51         O

12.              Five Little Cats                             1:22         O

13.              Ten Little Kittens/Witches/Turkeys/Snowmen   2:52         TA

14.              Twenty Pumpkins                              1:51         O

15.              This Old Man                                 2:02         T

16.              Roll Over                                    1:53         T

17.              I Have A Horse                               1:58         O

18.              Old MacDonald Had A Farm                     2:44         T

19.              Eency Weency Spider                          0:53         T

20.              Five Little Ducks                            1:46         T

21.              Here, Kitty, Kitty                           0:52         O

22.              Where Has My Little Dog Gone?                2:17         TA

23.              Head and Shoulders                           1:28         TA

24.              Shape Man                                    2:15         O

25.              Fruits and Vegetables                        0:51         O

26.              Twelve Months                                0:59         O

27.              Balloons, Balloons                           1:51         O

28.              Big Books, Little Books                      1:09         O

29.              Our School                                   1:51         O

30.              Wheels of the Bus                            2:10         T

31.              Going for a Ride                             2:20         O


O = Original Words and Music by Sarah Barchas, (P) © 1994 HIGH HAVEN MUSIC


T = Traditional Words and Music (P) 1994 HIGH HAVEN MUSIC


TA = Traditional with adapted lyrics and/or music by Sarah Barchas, (P) © 1994 HIGH HAVEN MUSIC


Song Collection (P) © 1994 HIGH HAVEN MUSIC




Song                              Subject                


ABC Song                            (alphabet)

ABC Train                            (alphabet, transportation)

All Week Long                       (colors, days of the week)

Balloons, Balloons                  (colors, rhyming words)

Big Books, Little Books (descriptive words, joy in reading, opposites)

Eency Weency Spider                 (animals)

Five Little Cats                    (animals, numbers)

Five Little Ducks                   (animals, numbers)

Fruits and Vegetables               (foods)

Get Ready, Get Set, SING            (action words, activity)

Going for a Ride         (descriptive words, transportation)

Good Morning                        (action words, activity)

Head and Shoulders                  (parts of the body)

Here, Kitty, Kitty                  (animals)

Hickory, Dickory, Dock              (animals)

I Have A Horse                      (animals, colors)

If You're Happy and You Know It     (feelings)

Old MacDonald Had A Farm            (animals)

Our School                          (people, schools)

Red Bird                            (animals, colors)

Roll Over                           (numbers)

Shape Man                           (parts of the body, shapes)

Ten Little Kittens/Witches/Turkeys/Snowmen    (numbers)

The More We Are Together            (feelings, people)

This Old Man              (activity, numbers, rhyming words)

Twelve Months                       (activity, months, numbers)

Twenty Pumpkins                     (numbers)

Wheels of the Bus                   (activity, transportation)

Where Has My Little Dog Gone?       (animals)

Who Are The People In My Family?    (family, people)

Who's Wearing Yellow?               (colors)


This is the English version in an ideal bilingual pair for young children



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