BRIDGES ACROSS THE WORLD: A Multicultural Songfest


By Sarah Barchas (November, 1999)


Performed by Sarah Barchas and the De Colores Chorus


The De Colores Chorus members are: Carolyn Collins, Leslie Comfort, Stephanie Comfort, Julio Espinoza, Karla Franco, Natalie Franco, Taylor King, Lien Liu, Anita Natividad, Natasha Page, Daniella Patterson, LaNeesha Pennington, Jessie Rojas, Richard Rojas, Bianca SantaMaria, Jacqueline SantaMaria, Luis SantaMaria, Mara SantaMaria, Tiffany SantaMaria, and Victoria Yescas.


Illustrations by Elizabeth Gething


HHM 110D - CD and Read-along Book (ISBN: 1-889686-14-X) - $16.98


 This breakthrough recording released in November, 1999, lets you rejoice in celebrating through song the vitality of diverse cultures throughout the world and our common bonds of humanity. Read-along and sing-along in this vibrant collection of 30 original and traditional multicultural and multilingual songs, enhanced by the dynamic De Colores Chorus.  The distinctive illustrated 60 page book that accompanies the recording is more than a  lyrics book. It includes all song lyrics and is a valuable reference guide as well. Its language appendix includes descriptions of languages and expressions and pronunciations in twelve languages ( Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Swahili). The book also provides suggestions for twelve activities that can help you work with languages and a multilingual bibliography. Intended for people of all ages who discover joy and pride in learning languages, and in experiencing the richness of other cultures, this 73 minute recording is excellent for grades K-6 and above for schools, libraries, and family enjoyment.


When one sings a song associated with another culture, one makes a link to that culture that becomes part of one's storehouse of experiences.  "BRIDGES ACROSS THE WORLD: A Multicultural Songfest" is exactly as its title suggests. It is an exuberant, joyful quest to build bridges rather than walls, embracing life, hope, and understanding through song.




This sound recording is dedicated to the hope that people around the world can find in the new millennium ways to nurture peace, understanding, and valuing of diversity.






School Library Journal, March 2000: "An extremely user-friendly multicultural recording perfect for storytimes or classrooms…one of the most creative multicultural recordings ever produced for children."


Elementary School Library Collection (23rd Edition, 2000): "As so many schools introduce foreign languages into the curriculum, this tape could be used to motivate classes."


Parent Council, Ltd., Summer 2000: "An excellent resource for the classroom."


Library Media Pick of the Month list, March, 2000.


Multicultural Review, June, 2000: Recommended





01. Children of the World Say Hello                                                            2:54    Original

02. Myself, My People, My World                                                                3:15    Original

03. In Books, In Books                                                                                  3:00    Original

04. One Two Three                                                                                       2:24    Original

05. Chay Chay Koolay                                                                                  4:07    Adaptation1

06. Kookaburra                                                                                             1:40    Traditional

07. Shango                                                                                                    1:75    Adaptation2

08. Japanese Rain Song                                                                             1:37    Traditional / Adaptation3

09. Everyone Has Feelings                                                                         2:26    Original

10. Oh How Lovely is the Evening                                                               2:08    Traditional

11. Wosho Paiute Bannock Lullaby                                                            1:37    Traditional / Adaptation4

12. Please                                                                                                     2:06    Original

13. Thank You                                                                                                2:00    Original

14. All Across This Wide Wide World                                                        2:30    Original

15. It Takes Each One to Make This World A Little Bit Better                 3:13    Original

16. Happy Birthday Around The Word                                                        3:25    Original

17. Cuckoo                                                                                                    1:40    Traditional / Adaptation5

18. Sleigh Bells                                                                                             2:00    Traditional / Adaptation6

19. Hava Nagila                                                                                            2:45    Traditional

20. De Colores                                                                                              1:35    Traditional

21. All the Colors                                                                                           1:35    Traditional / Adaptation7

22.Frère Jacques                                                                                         3:02    Traditional

23. One Light. One Sun                                                                                3:00    By Raffi

24. Funga Alafia                                                                                            1:33    Traditional

25. We Shall Overcome                                                                               2:00    Traditional

26. If You Will Be My Friend                                                                         2:47    Original

27. Yes/No                                                                                                     2:10    Original

28. Peace                                                                                                      2:50    Original

29. Bridges Across The World                                                                    3:35    Original

30. Time to Say Goodbye                                                                            1:55    Original




1. - Adapted from African folk song by Sarah Barchas. One of several variations from the Ashanti people of Ghana.


2. - Adapted from African folk song of rain, remembering the deity of thunder and lightning.


3. - Traditional Japanese children's folk song. English adaptation by Sarah Barchas with guidance from Sandra Yamazaki Lieberman and Aya Hiyama Trustman.


4. - Traditional Native American folk song. English adaptation by Sarah Barchas.


5. - Traditional folk song from Austria. English translation / adaptation by Catherine Slonecki, Educational Activities, Inc.


6. - Traditional folk song from Russia. English translation / adaptation by Catherine Slonecki, Educational Activities, Inc.


7. - Based on the traditional Mexican folk song "De Colores". English translation /adaptation by Sarah Barchas, ASCAP.




All Across this Wide, Wide World

All the Colors

Bridges Across the World

Chay Chay Koolay

Children of the World Say Hello


De Colores

Everyone has Feelings

Frère Jacques

Funga Alafia

Happy Birthday Around the World

Hava Nagila

If You Will be my Friend

In Books, In Books

It Takes Each One To Make This World A Little Bit Better

Japanese Rain Song


Myself, My People, My World

Oh How Lovely is the Evening

One Light, One Sun (by Raffi)

One Two Three




Sleigh Bells

Thank You

Time to Say Goodbye

We Shall Overcome

Wosho Paiute Bannock Lullaby





The thirty songs in this collection are organized into three strands:


Traditional Folk Songs from Different Cultures:


Shango (Rain song from Africa)

Kookaburra (Australia)

Cuckoo (Austria)

Frère Jacques (France) in 4 languages - French, English, Spanish,and Russian

Oh How Lovely is the Evening (Germany)

Chay Chay Koolay (Ghana)

Hava Nagila (Israel)

Japanese Rain Song (Japan)

De Colores / All the Colors (Mexico)

Wosho Paiute Bannock Lullaby (Native American)

Funga Alafia (Nigeria)

Sleigh Bells (Russia)


Songs of Understanding Others:


All Across this Wide, Wide World

Bridges Across the World

Everyone has feelings

If You Will be my Friend

In Books, In Books

It Takes Each One To Make This World A Little Bit Better

Myself, My People, My World

One Light, One Sun (by Raffi)


We Shall Overcome


Songs Delighting in Sharing Many Languages:


Children of the World Say Hello

Happy Birthday Around the World

One Two Three


Thank You

Time to Say Goodbye




Sound Recording (p) © 1999 Sarah Barchas DBA High Haven Music, ASCAP


Song Collection ©1999 High Haven Music


Illustrations © 1999 High Haven Music


"One Light, One Sun" Words and music by Raffi. © 1985 Homeland Publishing (CAPAC), A division of Troubadour Records, Ltd. Used by permission.


"Cuckoo" and "Sleigh Bells" English translation / adaptation by Catherine Slonecki, from Children's Songs Around the World. ©1989 Activity Records, Inc. Used by permission. Educational Activities, Freeport, NY.


Thanks to Keith Johnson and Vanessa Gregory for sharing Chay Chay Koolay, Shango, and Funga Alafia.


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